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"Lather Up"

$ 149.95

Let's kick it up a notch! The "Lather Up" Soap of the Month product takes it to a whole new level. With 6 FREE deliveries, each providing 2 of our 5.25 oz. LARGE bars, the recipient of this club membership will enjoy the all-natural benefits of our soap throughout the year. That's truly the "gift that keeps on giving!" We'll handle all the schedules and hard work while you relax and take joy in the knowledge that you gave a thoughtful, useful, delightful, and sensible gift to the one you care about.

What's more, we'll even send out an introduction email outlining some informative details about the contents of the gift. We can send this to you along with an attractive PDF certificate that you can print, so you have something to wrap and give to the recipient, or we can email it directly to them as an announcement of your gift, and so they know when to expect the first shipment.

Once we receive your order, we'll contact you to setup the details of your purchase. This includes delivery address for the shipments, delivery start date, and introduction mailer preference.


Why Silver-infused?

It's quite simple. Our 15 PPM colloidal silver supercharges the soap with its inherent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal qualities. And with that, it transforms the soap into a wonderful, all-natural, antiseptic bar for any topical use you would need out of your soap. Learn more facts about silver and its usages.


What's in this gift purchase?

  • All shipping charges are covered
  • Emailer announcement (sent to you or the gift recipient)
  • A total of twelve (12) 5.25 oz. bars
  • 6 deliveries consisting of 2 bars each (1 delivery every 2 months)

What soaps are in the deliveries?

  • Delivery #1: Two (2) 5.25 oz. bars of Basil Lavender
  • Delivery #2: Two (2) 5.25 oz. bars of Oatmeal
  • Delivery #3: Two (2) 5.25 oz. bars of Citrus Blend
  • Delivery #4: Two (2) 5.25 oz. bars of Floral Breeze
  • Delivery #5: Two (2) 5.25 oz. bars of Unscented Coffee
  • Delivery #6: Two (2) 5.25 oz. bars of Lemon Poppy seed

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