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Coffee, Unscented

While being completely unscented on its own (it has no coffee scent at all), this bar benefits from the natural odor absorbing qualities of coffee beans. It works very well as a kitchen soap, making quick work on those garlic-smelling hands. And coupled with the scrubby qualities of the embedded coffee grinds, it is a must-have in any shop to help keep those greasy and diesel or gasoline scented hands at bay!  And as with any of our bars, it works beautifully as a shower soap too.


What's in the box?

  • Small Bar: One 2.25 ounce bar
  • Oval Bar: One 3.0 ounce bar
  • Large Bar: One 5.25 ounce bar
  • Saver Pack: Two 5.25 ounce bars

What's in the soap?

  • All-Veggie Formula
  • Fresh-brewed Coffee
  • Fresh-ground Coffee Beans

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