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This is a great unscented, uncolored, basic hand and shower soap. Our all-natural formula provides a stable and sudsy lather with a smooth and moisturizing rinse, yet remains very gentle for sensitive skin and delicate noses. The only additional ingredient we include to this bar beyond the soap formulation itself is the oatmeal exfoliate which provides a very mild scrub.


Why Silver-infused?

It's quite simple. Our 15 PPM colloidal silver supercharges the soap with its inherent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal qualities. And with that, it transforms the soap into a wonderful, all-natural, antiseptic bar for any topical use you would need out of your soap. Learn more facts about silver and its usages.


What's in the box?

  • Small Bar: One 2.25 ounce bar
  • Oval Bar: One 3.0 ounce bar
  • Large Bar: One 5.25 ounce bar
  • Saver Pack: Two 5.25 ounce bars

What's in the soap?

  • Silver-infused All-Veggie Formula
  • Rough-chopped Oatmeal

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