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Making sense of silver

It is inevitable that in a growing world of online colloidal silver products, you will find many hyped claims of miracle cures and ambiguous marketing ploys to try and make one product stand out from the next.  From product labels touting their silver solution as “laser tested” to misleading claims of “micro particle” generation, the marketing noise is just getting louder, and being able to make sense of it all is getting more complicated.

But the reason for this growing trend is because there are real, credible and scientifically proven benefits to using colloidal and other forms of silver solution, and every manufacturer wants to make you think theirs has the edge.

With Sensible Silver you will not find false claims, over-hyped benefits, or misleading marketing tactics. Our goal is to make the simple science and practical benefits of silver available to you through honest claims, sensible information and the highest quality products.


Why all the hype?

It’s simple.  Hype and sensationalism keep the consumer distracted from genuine understanding.  The truth is, silver solutions have been around a long, long time.  The science behind it hasn’t changed.  The benefits of it haven’t changed.  What has changed is the quality, manufacturing precision, and awareness of its many benefits.

Who wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a miracle cure?  Well, let us be the first silver solution manufacturer to say it… colloidal and ionic silver are not the miracle cure.  They are, however, an extremely effective supplement for many common conditions. You will be hard pressed to find a more useful “go-to” product in your home health pantry then Sensible Silver.  That’s not hype, that’s just simple truth, and we stand by that statement.  The hype is in the many claims of what silver can do for you.

It is true, this technology has been in use in many various forms for decades by NASA, US Military, hospitals, burn units, and other industries for uses that range from water purification, to anti-infective treatments, to airborne anti-viral and anti-bacterial remediation.  It is also true that just because something is used by different governmental and healthcare institutions does not make something a miracle cure.  But what it does demonstrate is that the properties of an ionic and colloidal silver solution prove to have effectual merit.


What makes one brand better than the other?

In short, it’s all about the equipment and manufacturing processes.  All colloidal and ionic silver products are made within the same scientific mechanisms.  The distinction is made by the caliber and precision of the equipment, water purity, monitoring technology, and the manufacturing environment.  These factors determine the quality, purity and consistency of the final silver product.

Believe it or not, many of the solutions on the market today are generated by using a stop watch or kitchen timer to determine the PPM levels in the suspended solution.  While the end product is still an ionic silver solution, it cannot be guaranteed from batch to batch to produce a consistent product.

Others are generated in open containers, where the silver rods and highly purified water are open to environmental factors.  While some would say this is an irrelevant issue, the truth is that when you are dealing with positively charged ions at a molecular level, any impurity, no matter how small, is an extremely relevant factor.

The Sensible Silver product line is produced with a state-of-the-art electronically controlled generation system. The entire process from start to finish is continually electronically monitored in a sealed and air tight production chamber.  This process allows PPM levels to be precisely measured, allowing an unmatched level of consistency with every batch.  It also ensures the obstruction of any environmental impurities from coming into contact and mixing with the solution.  In short, you get a pure, high quality silver solution, nothing more nothing less.

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