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Common sense uses for silver

Our family started using colloidal silver when our kids were just a few years old.  When they started preschool and kindergarten all of a sudden they would regularly come home with ear and sinus infections, seemingly every month.  At anytime in the winter months you could open our refrigerator and find a bottle of pink Amoxicillin staring back at you.  Frustrated with constantly putting our kids on antibiotics, we started to look at the anti-bacterial properties of colloidal and ionic silver, and I purchased a small dropper bottle of ionic solution.

The next ear-ache my daughter had we put 2 drops in each ear, and gave her some Tylenol for the pain so she could sleep.  The next morning her pain was gone, and we gave her another 2 drops in each ear and sent her to school.  Her pain remained gone, and we took her to the pediatrician, yet again, just to have her ears checked out.  There was no inflammation and no infection.  This started our daily-use relationship with colloidal and ionic silver, which continues strongly to this day.

With that being said, our “real life” usage of silver is in the form of a dropper bottle for ears and eyes, atomizer spray bottle for mouth, throat and skin, nasal spray bottle for sinuses, and a couple of tablespoons of solution to hold under the tongue first thing in the morning and again right before bedtime.  This allows the particles to gain quick access to the blood stream.   We will also frequently have the kids rinse for 30 seconds to help fight cavities, and during the cold and flu season we will add a couple ounces of silver to the cold water vaporizer in the bedrooms.

It is in this “real life” context that we put together the Home Starter Kit.  This kit includes all the basic applicators you will need for the most common symptoms and ailments most families experience in everyday life, and of course an 8 ounce bottle of pure 10ppm ionic silver.  This is enough to fill each applicator bottle more than 2 times each.

Silver usage shouldn’t be confusing, shouldn’t take hours of research to learn what to use it for, and it definitely shouldn’t be used for everything under the sun.  In fact, the effectiveness of silver is so powerful that if you are using it for a specific condition and you don’t find it is bringing relief within a week's time, then it is more than likely not going to help that symptom or condition.  It’s just common sense.

As you do your own research on other varied uses of colloidal silver, it is important to remember that the products making those claims are at their essence no different than Sensible Silver, with the exception of course of quality and consistency.  Outside of those two exceptions most manufacturers are splitting hairs when they talk about PPM, particle size, and so on.  In short, if their product is effective at it, then Sensible Silver will be also, and with greater assurance of quality!



Recommended uses & dosages

Dosage for Sensible Silver solutions depends mostly on the purpose for which you are using it.  See the suggested dosing chart below:

uses for colloidal and ionic silver

Silver Storage

Properly manufactured silver solution can have a shelf life that extends well beyond a year. We recommend storing in a dark, cool or room temperature location. Do not refrigerate or freeze! Freezing colloidal silver will chemically alter the metallic particles and they will lose their suspension in the liquid. Should this type of contamination occur you could see a color change and a cloudy/murky appearance to the solution. Should this occur, do not use the solution.

A WORD ABOUT COLORED GLASS BOTTLES: Exposing colloidal and ionic silver to bright daylight and UV rays can hurt the stability of the solution. For this reason, Sensible Silver packages all of it's silver solution in amber or cobalt blue glass bottles. These dark tints protect from the harmful effects that light can have on the product. Also, GLASS is non-reactive with the silver, greatly reducing any risk to chemical interaction with the stored silver solution over time. The chemicals used in PLASTIC bottles are more likely to react with the charged ion and AG particles of the solution which can alter or degrade its integrity over time.


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